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            About the nada grains council

            The nada Grains Council is the national umbrella organization representing the grain, oilseed, pulse and special crop industries. The CGC’s mission is to lead, facilitate and support policy development and implementation on cross commodity issues and opportunities. nada Grains Council membership includes representatives from all segments of the value chain (producers, grain handlers/exporters, input suppliers, and processors) and all of the major commodity organizations. In everything we do, the nada Grains Council strives to build consensus and speak as one voice on the issues that matter to our sector.

            Why join the CGC?

            The CGC provides a forum for all grain stakeholders to discuss issues affecting the entire sector. Members see value in managing sector wide concerns through the CGC. While the nada Grains Council itself does not act on all issues, it provides a forum for dialogue and action that allows its members to avoid unnecessary duplition and ensures a consistent approach to resolving common issues. Action plans and policy proposals are developed through collaborative consensus-based working groups that are the hallmark of the CGC. The nadian Grains Council’s greatest strength is its ability to speak as one voice. Policy makers n confidently look to the CGC for advice knowing that the positions the Council holds are developed through consensus and are representative of the whole value chain and span a breadth of crop commodity interests.